My story of cats, princesses and unicorns

   Must Love Cats  

Who doesn't love cats? I don't think I can associate with anyone who doesn't share the same enthusiasm as I do for our little feline friends. I mean, they're adorable, soft, sweet and yes they can be demanding but irresistibly lovable. What started out as just a hobby for sewing little clothing for cats and pet friendly harnesses, became a strong passion to create high quality feline apparel. And it doesn't just stop at cats. Pretty soon, I started creating for dogs,rabbits and eventually to children and adult (hooman).

In 2016, I created the trend  of having traditional malay outfits, (Baju Kurung) meant specifically for cats. Who new there was a demand. It became a yearly affair ever since. From there, there was also a demand for pageant dresses

for little children and teenage girls. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, masks has been the rave so I decided to provide face masks with high quality prints and materials to crazily affordable prices.

In a nutshell, I provide bespoke apparels for pets and children with high quality materials and customized design but in affordable packages. And it all started with me loving cats.


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