Disinfection box:

UV Sterilizer Bag USB UV Disinfection Bag Sanitizer Cleaner Portable Sterilizer Bag Features:UV disinfection: UV bulbs can safely kill 99.99% of bacteria in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of disinfection, unplug the power cord and the disinfection stops. Wide range of uses: Multifunctional disinfection box for face masks, headphones, hearing aids, stethoscopes, dentures, underwear, toothbrushes, beauty tools, baby bottles, toys, underwear, socks, forks, knives, watches, glasses, jewelry, buttons, etc. No pollutants or residues are generated throughout the process. Safe and environmentally friendly disinfection method! Safety design: the built-in safety aluminum film will not leak ultraviolet rays; if the lid is closed during the disinfection process, the ultraviolet lamp will stop working immediately to ensure that it will not cause harm to human body.


Portable sterilizer:

Disinfection box has 10W wireless fast charging function, supporting most mobile phone charging.Small size, portable, easy to carry, so you can sterilize anytime, anywhere. USB power: You can plug in your laptop or mobile power at any time, and you will no longer be able to disinfect because there is no power.


Material: polyester + aluminum film



about 260x 200 x 110mm / 10.23 x 7.87 x 4.33 in Rated power: 7.5W Input voltage:5V/2A 9V/A



100-200HZ Charging distance:3-8mm Conversion power:>70% UV wavelength: 270nm Weight:905g Packing List: 1 X disinfection bag 1 X User Manual 1 X USB line


Portable UV Sterilizer Bag

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